Football Game Fiasco

There isn't a word in the English language that can describe my frustration. First thing you have to understand, is that both I and my friend are seniors in high school, so please don't laugh that we didn't go anywhere expensive and nice. It was just a football game. You see, we had been talking over the phone for five months (I met him through a friend) and there was this football game that I was going to. He said he'd get one of his parents to drive him down (he lived about a half hour away). Believe it or not, his Dad hanging around at the football game (he stayed in the stands though) didn't really bother me. I knew that he was just being a Dad. But what did bother me was when his ex-girlfriend showed up and hung all over him. She came about two minutes after I met him. She was constantly giving me these looks and leaning her head on him. He tried pulling away, but this girl was determined. She didn't go to my school, but her cousin did, which was how I suppose she knew he was coming. It was encouraging that the girl was ugly though, proving that he wasn't shallow (even though I already knew that). My friends kept coming up to me and complaining, telling me about their problems. I felt like shouting, "I'm at a football game to have fun! Tell me about this later!" because I knew he was bored and it was driving me crazy. What was worse was that my loud-mouth friends kept saying that I said I was in love with him … which I'm not! Not to offend him, but love? I didn't know what to say, so I looked away, but I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was giving me a confused look. He left the game with me, which I don't really think is that big of a deal because we had separate rides home anyway. But, his ex-girlfriend thought it was a big deal. For two weeks after that, I was getting mean stares from her cousin. People who knew the girl kept saying that she was crying her eyes out because he left with me and that he was still dating her. He had explained that she was not the type to let go, that he was still friends with her, but only friends. It didn't really make up for the fact that she, along with my friends, ruined our time together. But, we're still in contact.

— Candice, 18

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