Nothing in Common

Let me start off by saying this date was the worst date of my life! It was a Wednesday morning and I went to work. I saw the boy I have been crushing on for a long time. We have been talking for a while, and the night before, my friend had given him my number. So, he asked me if I would like to go to the movies with him and I said sure. He waited for me 6 hours at work until I got off, which was really sweet. When I got home, I changed and then met him back at work. We walked over to the movies, but the movie didn't start for another 2 hours, so we walked around. We came to find out we were only physically attracted to each other and had nothing in common at all, which really sucked! We went over to the movies to get our tickets and the power went out at the movies. Now, I'm going to sum things up. We talked, but never heard a word each other said. We had nothing in common; he was shy, I'm not. That night, I told him we shouldn't date any more. So, I asked him if he would like to remain friends. He said sure, so we went to give each other a friendly good night kiss. To my dismay, he stuck his tongue down my throat and we walked off yelling at each other. He was yelling, "Why didn't you open your mouth?" I was yelling, "I thought we were friends … I thought we were just going to give each other a peck!" There are plenty of rumors going around work now, plus he was really cheap!

— Brenda, 21

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