He Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

I met this really cute guy who worked at the local gym I go to. It turned out he thought I was cute too. Well, I kept on going to "work out" everyday, just so I could see him and get him to ask me out. I got kind of impatient after awhile because nothing seemed to happen, so I stopped going to the gym. Then a couple weeks later, my cousin tells me that he's been asking where I've been? I was in shock! He asked her some questions about me concerning my dating life, checking to see if I was available or not. He called me and asked me out and, of course, I agreed to go on a date with him. We ended up watching a movie, going to eat, and afterwards he wanted to go to my place already! I wasn't ready for that because I knew what he was up to. So, I kept on suggesting other places we could go to, but he disagreed. Finally, I said okay, but we're only going to watch TV. Well when we got back to my place, things started to heat up immediately after he kissed me. Then, he started telling me he's falling for me (what the heck?! It was our first date!). THEN, he whips out his thing and sure scared the heck out of me! It was the biggest "thing" I have ever seen!

— Rachel, 19

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