Jail Bird

I met this guy at the bar I do the bookkeeping for. It was the day before I left for vacation. We had a lively conversation that night and I gave him my cell phone number. He even called me while I was gone. When I came back, we had a date for dinner that night and had a marvelous time. The next night, I met his 6 roommates and we had dinner in his room. The next day, we met for lunch and the conversation was awesome; we had similar beliefs and he seemed to be a hardworking man that loved his kids. He had school that night, so I met him after school and we went back to his apartment for some cuddling time on the bunk bed he slept on. Wednesday, we were supposed to spend the day together since he was off work, but I didn't hear from him. He called me on Friday to tell me that he was in work furlough for some probation violation; he gives me instructions for applying for visitation and I made another trip there. Then he calls me again to arrange for me to pick him up Sunday at the park for a "rendezvous". We rendezvous and I dropped him off down the street, with the promise he'll be out in 4 days and this will all be over. He calls me 2 days later to say he's being moved to jail because he left the premises on Saturday. I got his booking number and looked on the internet, only to find out he's been arrested for domestic violence probation. I freaked out and sent him a letter about this and decided he was not the guy for me anymore. I get this heart felt (or so I thought) letter from him explaining everything, so I felt better enough about it to be willing to visit him. I drove the hour there and got to meet him and we talked the entire hour about what we were going to do when he got out. I made sure he had all my numbers to reach me at and we talked on the phone one more time. I watched his status change on the computer and he never called for me to come get him after he was out. I paged him; I called him several times at his apartment and never reached him. He quit his job and left his apartment; his roommates returned the cards, letter, and prepaid phone card I sent him a month later.

— Marissa, 31

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