Cheating Fiancé

A long distance relationship is never easy, but we were managing to make it work. After many months of traveling back and forth and countless all night phone calls, meeting each other's friends, and families, I knew he was the perfect knight in shining armor. I got cards for no reason, sweet little voicemails just "to hear your voice" and lord knows how many times he called just to say, "I miss you, and I love you." Finally, the "I want you to be my wife" came. I was in heaven. Then, one early morning, it all came to crashing halt. Only weeks after he had proposed, my phone rang and on the other end was his OTHER fiancé. I just cried, and when I finally confronted him with the only question remaining, "WHY?" all he had was an unfelt "I don't know". I walked away crushed and heartbroken. One strike and you're out, that's my rule. There are many things that you deal with in a relationship, cheating is not one of them.

— Tiffany, 28

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