The Obnoxious Date

I was at a bar with some friends when a decent-looking guy approached me and asked if he could buy me a drink. I am not the kind of person to pass up free drinks, so I accepted. I wasn't really into the guy, so I half-heartedly gave him my number at the end of the night, figuring he surely wouldn't remember it. Wrong! He called me the next day at 11 am. I thought that was a bit eager (what happened to the "three-day rule?"), but I agreed to hang out with him the next weekend, provided that my two roommates came along. He said that would be great, because he had cool guy friends. I should have known it was bad when I called him to tell him we were on our way to meet up with him and he actually told me what to wear! I thought he was kidding ... until we got to the restaurant and he grabbed my bar-stool, pulled it close to him and slung his arm around me. He started telling me what I should do with my hair, I needed to grow my nails out, and I needed a lot of work. He went on to tell me he had just quit his job as a cell-phone salesman and how jealous I would be of him when I was at work the next day and he was surfing! Throughout the night, he kept asking me if I "was glad he came up to me" in the bar ... as if I couldn't do any better than the scumbag. His friends were TOTALLY drunk and obnoxious and putting our waitress in a head-lock and grabbing her butt as he cheered them on! My roommates were so angry at me, especially when his obnoxious friends tried to paw at them in the middle of the restaurant! At one point, I even went up to another guy and started talking to him and gave him my number. I guess it looked pretty bad seeing as how I was on a "date," but I didn't care. We made up an excuse to get out ... FAST. The obnoxious date called me several times after that and my roommates screened the calls. I didn't answer the phone.

— Janet, 25

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