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The way my boyfriend and I met was when I was at a Cafe' drinking a cup of coffee and he walked up. He asked what book I was reading and told me that he had written it. I was totally blown away and impressed. He invited me over to his table and finally asked very politely if I would me interested in going out on a date with him. I said yes. That Saturday, he took me to a raging party on some snobbish street. We parked his BMW outside and went in. When I got inside, I saw many people making out on the couches and floor. I asked if we could go to a more private area to talk, or at least somewhere away from all of the naked bodies in the room!! He agreed and took me to a living room. He gestured me to sit on a beautiful wooden and peach love seat. He asked what I would have to drink and I told him that water would be fine. He came back and handed me my water and had a glass himself. I drank some and nearly choked because of the strong pungent taste. I asked what the heck was wrong with my drink and he said that the water in this area was dirty. I told him to bring me coke instead and he did. This also had the strange taste and I became a bit dizzy because I drank it all. He told me to follow him upstairs and I did. He locked the door and started to take off his clothes and I saw that he was wearing a thong. I'm a blonde of course and thought, oh, how sexy, come here you beast and get some of this. I have no idea why I felt like this, maybe it was my drinks. He took my clothes off and directed me to the bed and well, what do you think I did? If you think that we had sex, you're wrong. I came to my senses and kicked him in his sensitive soft spot and gathered up my clothes and left. From that night on, I learned to get my own drink and not be so ditsy.

— Donna, 18

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