Sir Elf Shoes

I was invited out by a friend's friend I met at a yard sale and thought he was kind of cute. He asked me out to a dinner and movie, mentioning a nice area restaurant, and reservations for 6 pm Friday. Friday comes and he called at 6 saying he'd be a bit late. At 8, he arrived and my little sisters and mother let him in. My sister ran to me upstairs giggling because the guy had on "elf" shoes. I'm sure everyone has seen at least one pair of tennis shoes so old they curl up at the toes. He had on a polo shirt, tucked into pants-high nerd style. His hair was slicked down in a bad imitation of a choir-boy. He told me it was too late to catch dinner, but that we could head to Zip's for ice cream. After making a great deal of fuss over his developing lawn business, and he satisfied his curiosity over what I made as a nurse, we headed for the movie. The guy pulled into the local dollar theater and we found out the movie was half way through. He still wanted to go in. I mentioned going to another theater and he balked. I told him I would gladly spring for the tickets and we went. I paid for the tickets and he started for the auditorium. I told him I was going to get something to eat, since I'd missed dinner, and would he like anything? He told me no. Thank God I bought the popcorn and pop! As the movie started, his hands started roaming closer and closer to my lap. I planted the popcorn firmly on the area he was so desperately trying to reach. Throughout the show, I fended off his hands as discretely as possible. When I felt he was going to try to kiss me, I would lean forward to grab my soda or run off to the bathroom. After the show, we headed back to my house in his pick-up. I gave him a hug and sent him on his way. He called me the next day wanting to set up our next date and told him I'd rather not. He was angry, stating he couldn't figure out why. I told him to fully examine our date and figure it out for himself and not to call back. Thankfully, I haven't heard from him again. What kind of guy promises a girl a fancy restaurant and movie, then ends up taking her (late mind you) to a fast food burger joint for an "ice-cream" (at 79 cents) and a dollar theater for a movie that had already started? I sprang for the movie and bought my own refreshments, and he wanted to grope me through the show. I knew he was a lawn guy, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out where things went wrong. This had to have been his cheapest date ever. I can understand being short on funds, but the guy had a full wallet when he paid for the ice cream. I could have given him another chance, but it was only too obvious he was after a "rich nurse purse."

— Sandra, 34

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