False Teeth

I went to college in Idaho for a year. The only thing to do there: leave. My friends and I would go to Salt Lake City for the weekends for something to do. One weekend, we went clubbing in Salt Lake. We got all dressed up and were the hottest girls in the club. At one point, I was dancing with a 21 year old guy when he kissed me. He then asked me if I was now his girlfriend. I said, "Hey, sure, call me what you want." We then went to his car to talk. He didn't want to talk much, since he didn't speak much English anyway ... so we ended up making out for a while. He was a horrible kisser, the kind that eats the bottom of your face. What ended that night was when he was kissing me and his teeth fell out in my mouth. He had false teeth, and apparently not enough poly-grip. I made some dumb excuse and ran back to the club.

— Julia, 20

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