Navy Jumper

One night, one of my friends in college had met this Navy guy in the club. She asked him if he wanted to do the double date thing. She called me and told me about his friend. We all met at the military base and I thought he was cute. We decided to go back to her dorm room to talk and play cards. She rode with her date and I rode with mine. Everything was fine. We talked and got to know each other. All of a sudden, he just stopped talking and turned the music off. I tried to keep the conversation going, but he never said anything. I got creeped out by it and said to myself if he stopped at a light, I will jump out and call her to get me. Eventually, he started talking again and met her at her room. I pulled her to the side and told her what happened. She said she would ask his friend what his deal was. The next day, she called. She told me what the deal was. He was a fruitcake. He was actually looking for a pole to run into to commit suicide. He couldn't do it because I was in the car. Later that night he tried to jump off the ship, but his friends grabbed him before he could do the deed. God was looking out for me that night.

— Heidi, 23

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