Blind Date Horror

Typically, my worst date started out as a blind date. My roommate had begged me to go on a double date with her because she still didn't know how she felt about this guy. So, I obliged and that's when it all went downhill. First of all, I wasn't really hungry, so I ordered just a bowl of soup. He seemed ok with this and then told me that I probably shouldn't eat that much anyway because I was looking a little too "plump" for him. Then, when the bill came, he told me to pay for my $3 bowl of soup. Normally, I would have been happy to pay, but because I was already having a bad time, I just asked him if he was serious. Then he called me cheap, in more ways than one. I got up from the table and started to walk out of the restaurant when my roommate convinced me to stay and just walk around downtown with them. So I did, and he proceeded to talk on the phone with his ex saying how no one could ever compare to her. To top things off, as my roommate and I were getting into the taxi, he leaned in for a kiss. That's when I let him have it. I told him he was the rudest, most conceited human being on the face of the earth, and that there was no way in hell he would ever be so lucky as to receive a handshake from me, let alone a kiss. Never again will I go on a blind date.

— Dee, 19

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