White Silk

I was going to my boyfriend's house for the first time, in order to meet and share a meal with his family. I was amazed by the luscious decorations and furniture of their home in an upper class neighborhood. As we sat down on the white silk-lined chairs for dinner and good conversation, I had started to learn with much fear the apprehension of realizing that I had begun my monthly curse ... on their white chair! Needless to say, my face grew very pale and his mother asked if I was all right. I got up at that point, pushed the chair in, and ran from the room to my date's car. He came out to check on me, and his parents hadn't noticed yet. They were very worried about me and were about to call a doctor. I told my date what happened and a sick look came over his face. Then, he looked to the seat of his car. He quickly offered to drive me home. I never heard from him or his family again and I do not blame them. But, I did find a bill on my doorstep from a nearby cleaner ... demanding I pay the price for my trouble.

— Coleen, 25

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