I'll Be Back Later

I met a guy online who looked to be very attractive. We decided to meet for lunch at a place where I could have a glass of wine and a salad. Well, when he arrived there, the place was closed so he called my cell phone and arranged another place to meet. When I saw him, I thought he was absolutely gorgeous … just the type guy I needed to get over my ex boyfriend! Instead of choosing another restaurant to go to so we could get to know one another better, he chooses a movie! I thought that was a bit strange since we'd never even really talked to one another at all. Next thing you know, he's trying to get me to be sexual with him in the movie. When I let him know I planned to watch the movie, he announced, "I have some errands to run and dry cleaning to pick up, so call me when the movie's over." He left me there alone to watch the movie by myself!

— Cara, 34

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