Mr. Cheap

My date and I went into a Wendy's for lunch, along with my 13 year old son. When my son started to order (a double hamburger and drink), my date leaned over and informed him they have a $0.99 menu to chose from! My son and I then got 1 item each off of the menu. Then Mr. Date promptly ordered 3 items off the $0.99 menu. When we got to the table, he looked at our food and asked, "Is that all you're eating?" I made comment that with his 3 items, we could have ordered double-hamburgers. He then corrected me stating, "No, 3 times $.99 is cheaper!" Not as cheap as he was, I'm afraid. Frugal is one thing, but this was too much. Especially since he had no dependents and made very good money.

— Sue, 36

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