I Crashed His New BMW

It wasn't really a date, but my high school prom date and I used to hang out a lot. One night, he was going to drive me home, but then decided that I should drive his car home instead, and he wanted to lay down in the back seat. It was a BRAND-new BMW, and I was a BRAND new driver, and I really didn't want to drive it, but he insisted, and I ended up getting in the driver's seat. I went across the intersection, maybe a total of 20 feet (I was so disoriented that I didn't even realize I should have made a right to go home), when he yelled STOP! STOP THE CAR! All I was thinking was, I want to get OUT of the driver's seat, I want him driving not me, and decided that the left side of the road was closer than the right, so tried to pull over towards the left side. What I didn't see was the island in the middle of the road, and we went straight up over the curb, later described as "launching the car," and the 2 front tires came down on the curb with a HUGE thud. It ended up that I snapped the engine mount and ruined the rims on this month old BMW that I had never wanted to drive in the first place. My date didn't want to ever talk to me again, much less go to the prom with me. Talk about a messed up freak accident.

— Vicky, 21

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