The Bloody Kiss

A few weeks after my old boyfriend and I started dating, I decided to drop by his house unexpectedly. We chatted for a while, and soon started making out. His idea of the perfect french kiss is 95% tongue and 5% lips, so his tongue was practically down my throat when the doorbell rang, and we could hear his mother's voice calling through the door. In his rush to get the door he pushed me out of his way and because I was backed up against a table in the living room, I almost fell. I grabbed his shirt and clamped down on his tongue instinctively, and ended up falling backwards anyway, taking him with me. I had bitten down so hard that his tongue was bleeding all over his shirt and when he finally got up to get the door his mother had taken out her copy of his house key and walked in. It was so embarassing when that woman walked into the living room and saw him covered in blood. His mother left right away and a couple of days after not talking to him, my now-ex finally called to break up with me. I was angry at first but then felt bad when I heard from a friend of mine who knew him that he ended up having 6 stitches in his mouth!!

— Abby, 23

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