Date From Heck

I met this guy at a party my friend was having. He had the most amazing eyes I'd ever seen. He was really quiet, but he only knew my friend from work and didn't really know anyone else at the party. I figured he was just shy. I managed to talk to him for a bit, and when he asked for my number, I thought I'd scored big. He called the next day, and things went great. When he asked me out, I immediately said yes. A few days later, he picked me up. We walked to his car and I saw that there were two people waiting in it. He then introduced me to his brother and his girlfriend. I was a little surprised that my date didn't have his license, but I let it go. I didn't have mine, either. We got dropped off at the movies, and my date walked up and ordered one ticket. I wouldn't have let him buy mine anyway, but I was little shocked that he didn't even offer. So we went into the theater; we weren't seated for more than three minutes before he grabbed me and tried to French kiss me. I stopped him as politely as I could, using the uncomfortable seats as my excuse. After the movie, his brother picked us up, and he tried to make out with me in the back seat! I may have been new to the dating game, but that felt unbelievably sleazy, so again I politely told him to stop. Luckily, we were not far from my house. He called the next day, and being horribly bad at rejecting people, I agreed to see him again, this time at a town picnic. We met there and he didn't say two words. Pulling teeth would have been easier than it was trying to get a conversation out of this guy. That is until we started running into people he knew and he began introducing me as his girlfriend. That was the last straw. The next time he called, I told him my parents did not like our age difference and that I couldn't see him anymore. He cried! I'd known him all of two weeks, and he cried like I had just ended some long, serious relationship. He called every day after that for a month. I finally told him the truth was that I just wasn't interested, but he kept calling. I changed my cell phone number, and he lied to a friend of mine that I hadn't talked to in a while to get my new one. Then he began showing up at my house. Finally my father got involved when I told him the guy was scaring me and told the date from heck that if he ever tried to contact me again, his fingernails would be all that was left of him. He finally got the hint.

— Melanie, 23

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