Engagement Disaster

I was engaged to Ed and we were planning our wedding, which was to take place in three months. I was overjoyed and everything seemed perfect. I was sitting at home one evening and going over some wedding details and really needed to talk with Ed. I called him up, but he didn't answer. He never replied to a text either. I began to get worried, so I climbed in my car and drove the five miles to his place. I have my own key, so I just let myself in. I heard some noises in the bedroom and it kind of sounded like he was moaning. I thought he was sick and went rushing in. Much to my surprise, he wasn't sick; he was in the throws of passion with all three of my bridesmaids! Then, he didn't even have the nerve to apologize or anything, he just told me I should join in. I am so glad I didn't marry that idiot!

— Joyce, 31

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