Three-Way Stop

My first wife and I got married quite young, and she cheated on me a lot. She was a high school. She slept with her students, she slept with her coworkers, and when she took a class, she slept with the professor. One afternoon, a friend and I stopped by a bar, and he saw a hot lady he knew. She came over to his house that evening. I don't remember where his wife and kids were, but we had a three-way right there on the floor of his living room. This was the first time for me. Naturally, I would have preferred two girls to be involved, but this was okay, too. I performed oral sex on this lady, and she got so vocal that my friend had to beg her to quiet down. A few weeks later, she called me up and we started getting together on a regular basis. After a couple of years, my wife and I divorced, and this hot lady had divorced her husband. So, we started living together. In a few years, we got married. We have been married over twenty years and the sex is still great. But she gets really mad whenever I suggest having a three-way again!

— Keith, 60

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