Husband Remains Clueless

This summer, a gorgeous woman named Mona joined my recreation league beach volleyball team. Being in her mid-thirties, she's a few years older than I am, but hot nonetheless with a dynamite body and long, light brown hair. We started flirting with each other right away, and it was clear that we were attracted to each other. The only minor problem was her husband, who sometimes would show up at our games to watch with their kid. When I first saw him, I couldn't believe how a guy like him got a girl like Mona. They're a total mismatch — she's tall and thin, he's short and fat. I noticed, however, that Mona seemed perturbed when he was around, and that's when I knew she wanted me. One night after volleyball, her husband wasn't around, and all of us on the team went to a nearby bar for a couple of drinks. Mona and I talked the entire time, and she confided in me that her marriage had been having problems since her husband lost his job last year. Then she said he had rapidly gained weight and she was no longer attracted to him. That was all I needed to hear. Both of us had to drive home, and because our cars were parked by the beach, we left together. As we walked along the beach boardwalk, we started making out, and we ducked into a wooded area where there was a gazebo. Up against the gazebo, we groped each other and she began touching me. Then, lowering her shorts, I started having sex with her. However, after a few seconds, we heard people and noticed them coming towards us. Mona freaked and stopped, saying she was late and had to get home. We pulled ourselves together and left it at that. The following Sunday, I was heading out to play soccer when Mona text messaged me, asking what I was doing. I texted back that I wanted to finish what we had started and told her where I'd be. Within an hour, she had shown up at the park where we were playing. After the game, I told her to follow me back to my place. As soon as we got there we went at it, tearing each others' clothes off. "Do you do this as well as you play soccer and volleyball?" she asked. "Better," I said. For the next three hours, we had sex in every possible position. Her body wouldn't quit, and she moaned and screamed so loud that I had to lock her in a kiss on several occasions just to reduce the noise. The air conditioning was cranked, but when we were done, we were both covered in sweat. It's become a Sunday afternoon thing for us since, and her loser husband doesn't have a clue.

— Lance, 28

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