Old Girlfriend

My wife and I had only been married a year or so, and it was a rough one! I had been in contact with a girl I dated my freshman year. She was a friend of the family, and it appeared I still had feelings for this girl. My wife didn't know we had dated, only that we were close. I had the girlfriend come down to visit us. We lived in another state, so she flew in. I picked her up alone and immediately felt the feelings I had had for her before. When we got to my truck, we kissed. I began to feel her up as did she to me. When we got to my house, I introduced them. Immediately my wife got a little jealous because of striking similarities between the two of them. Both have long, dark hair, similar builds, only my wife is a little taller. One night, we were all drinking and having a good time playing shot-glass chess. The two girls were playing more than me and also making very strong drinks. Soon, we were all done and went off to bed. I had been incredibly turned on throughout the evening, and took my wife to bed. Before I was ready to get into bed, she had already passed out. I went back out to check on our guest, and we began to talk. Before I knew it, we were kissing again and I had my hand under her shirt. I took her pants off of her and laid her on the floor. The sex that night was amazing, however short, due to the fact I was kind of worried my wife would come wandering out to catch me. The excitement put me over the edge. I never told my wife, and we've been happily married now for five years. I wish I could have given that woman what I really had. Although, I have realized that my feelings for her were not as strong as I had thought. We kept in contact briefly after she went back home. She wrote me a letter which my wife found saying how "amazing" I was. Luckily for me, she didn't say at what! Needless to say, she quit contacting me after my wife called her out on the letter. Anyway, it was good that night, but not nearly as good as my wife, though!

— Carlos, 24

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