My Fantasy Girl

When I was twenty-one years old, I had just returned home from a hitch in the Navy. I met this cute little redhead. My friend and I had been cruising our small home town. We parked at the teen recreation center and went in. When we came out, the redhead and her girlfriend were in the front seat of our car. We started seeing each other that summer. A couple of days after meeting her, she took me to her house in the afternoon when none of her family was home. As soon as we got there, she gave me a soda in the kitchen and she went upstairs. Five minutes later, she came back downstairs dressed in just panties and a pajama top. She sat on the kitchen counter and we started making out. I reached up under the pajama top and found something I will never forget. Mind you, after four years in the Navy, I was no virgin. But my hand found a handful of young, very firm breast. I am seventy-one years old now, but I still wonder if they make breasts like that anymore. We ended up having sex on her living room floor. Before we had finished, we heard the back door open. It was her father. He was a propane tanker truck driver and has just come in from his last run. Of course, she scurried upstairs, and I dashed into the downstairs bathroom. To conclude the story, we eloped and were married. I ended up going back into the Navy for a career and we had three kids. The first came exactly nine months after we got married. We remained married for a little over seven years before she was killed in an auto accident. But I will never forget the discovery I made back in her folks' kitchen the summer of 1956. She was and will always be my fantasy girl.

— Lou, 71

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