More Than One "Wife"

My wife, who is a supervisor in a travel agency, had to go on a training course to Spain for four days to see things first hand. She arranged that I should go to her mother's for my meals and keep her company as she was a widow of five years. Her mother is a petite woman, very attractive, and forty-two years of age. I had a good relationship with her as we had the same sense of humor. I had often thought about how I could get her into bed as I had used her many times in my fantasies. Anyway, the first night was spent having a drink after dinner, talking, and watching TV. On the second night, we were sitting on the settee talking when I happened to take a piece of paper from my pocket which contained a shopping list. My mother-in-law wanted to know what it was and asked to see it. I refused, and she jumped to the conclusion that it was a phone number or personal message from a woman. So, she grabbed it out of my hand. I demanded it back and made to take it, but she undid a button on her dress and slipped it down her panties. I told her that if she didn't return it I would search for it myself. She made to get up, but I held her back. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards me. Her right arm was pinned under me, and I grabbed her left arm with my hand which was around her shoulder. She was wearing a black, cotton dress with a matching belt. The dress was buttoned all the way up with five buttons. I told her that I was going to undo the buttons and search for the note. She was pleading with me to stop and said that she would give me the note, but I told her that it was too late and began to unbutton her dress. By this time, I was excited and decided to go for it. I slipped my hand down her panties and pretended to look for the note. I caressed her between her legs while I kissed her passionately. I enjoy long periods of petting and knew that she did too as she started to respond. She kept telling me to stop but in a half-hearted way. Then she started moaning softly and gasping. I then slid off the chair and knelt in front of her. I performed oral sex on her. This brought on pleas for more. I pulled her down to the floor and we had sex. Ten minutes later, she fell back exhausted and fell asleep. We've continued to have sex since that night and it has got even better as she is involving herself more and more. She told me later that she was more content and happier with life now that she has a man in her life. I told her I wished I could have two wives to which she replied hugging me, "Don't you realize you already have?"

— Jackson, 22

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