Wife Worth Double

My wife and I agreed she was going to wear sexy underwear to work anytime she wakes up in the morning wanting to have sex after work. Having sexy undies on during work would stimulate the sexual desire in her. This day, her boss asked her to work extra hours which she agreed upon. After they were done, they left work and headed to the parking lot. My wife's van would not work, so her boss offered her a hand. When bent over reaching far inside of her van in search of jumper cables, her boss noticed her bare buttocks and slipped a hand underneath her skirt. She was so excited after a whole day waiting for after work sex that she didn't say a word for a couple of seconds. Her boss took it as if she consented and moved his hand deeper. When he reached her thong string, she couldn't help opening her legs. They had sex right there in the parking lot. When she came around, her boss was zipping up his pants and telling her to close her van because he was giving her a ride home. When she got home, I noticed her thongs while kissing and caressing her hello. So, I took her without delay to bed. She laid down on her back. When I put aside the string of her thong and began to give her oral, I noticed an odor and asked her about it. She told me the story and begged me not to argue with her. She then asked me to have sex with her over and over again until she had forgotten the other issue completely.

— Hank, 41

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