Vacation Frolics

Yes, it was a first timer for me. It happened on a family vacation where I hooked up with these two gorgeous, petite, Asian girls at a hotel. I was hitting up on one of them at the lounge by herself. Since I was feeling tense with the lack of sex with my wife because of no privacy, every word out of my mouth was a clue for me to hook up with her, and she did the same. We went to her room and, before anything started, she whispered to me and asked if her sister could join us. I was floored! I said, "Why of course I don't mind!" So, off she went to get her as I waited in the room. To make a long story short, we had a shower with foreplay, a lot of oral since I had two of everything, and finally a lot of wild, hard-pounding, noisy, moaning sex. I didn't exchange contact info, but to this moment, I'm reliving the fantasy that came true for me finally and wishing for more on another vacation.

— Brad, 36

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