A Naked Walk In The Park

I have to say this to someone, even though I will never tell anyone. I am a middle-aged male from the Midwest. I decided to go for a walk in the local park last week. It has a lake, and there is a pretty private trail along a cornfield. Well, I thought it was private. I started walking and got away from where anyone could see. I stripped, except for my shoes, and decided to walk naked. I was walking for a while when I heard a cough and looked behind me. I am not even going to say his name, but he was a younger man. Well, I was worried he was going to say something, so I asked him not to. As awkward as it was, he was walking beside me and I was still naked. I asked him if it was okay, and he said sure was. He told me he was married, but he can be bi. It was silent for a bit. Then we stopped, and I laid down my shirt and gave him oral. I still cannot believe I did this seeing how I am engaged to a wonderful girl. But this was not the first time I have done this. Anyway, halfway through, I asked him to finish by having real sex with me. We did it right there. I know it was wrong, but I feel great!

— Harold, 46

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