Fantasy Maid

When I was in high school, we had a maid who used to assist my mom with her daily chores. Sometimes her daughter, who was about my age, used to work in her absence. Until then, I never had any girlfriends and was a virgin. So, the presence of a young girl in my house used to really get me excited, and I used to masturbate while fantasizing about her. Very often, I used to peek down her braless blouse or try to glimpse her panties between her thighs. Sometimes, I would lay on the bed acting as if I was sleeping or reading while she used to scrub the floor in front of me for an inordinate amount of time, giving me a perfect view down her blouse. As time went by, I got bolder and used to walk around the house in a towel with an erection on those rare occasions when my parents were away. Sometimes, I deliberately used to drop the towel before entering the bathroom, giving her a view of my erection. A few months later, I joined a college and that was the last time I saw her, although I still have a lot of fond memories.

— Terrance, 20

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