Work Relations

I work for a company that has several divisions. My wife works for the same company but in a different division. The division that my wife works in is loaded with beautiful women. On occasion, I would have to visit the office complex where my wife works. I started to notice this one beautiful woman. I made eye contact with this lovely woman one day as I passed through the office. Well, to make a long story short, I called her and told her that I had a problem with something that she dealt with. Well, after several months of slowly working on this woman, I finally talked her into meeting me. We met in a graveyard of all places. The affair was so hot that it consumed my every thought. We got together every chance we could. We would meet up in the cemetery, in the park, in motels, cars, just about anywhere and everywhere. After two years, things got tough and we almost got caught. We ended the affair but still remain friends. I thought I would try another dip in the office pool. There was this young girl that had done some flirting with me before, so I thought I would give her a try. Well, she turned out to be just a tease. So, I moved on. Then there was my wife's best friend. She was an attractive divorcee. I used my wife's friendship to work my way into her best friend's bed. The sex is amazing, but we have to be very careful. We do not get together as much as I would like.

— Duke, 40

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