All I Could Handle

It all started at my Home Sales Party. She gave her presentation and sold a lot of things. After it was over, I helped her load up her things. Then I asked her to have some tea with me. As we drank the tea, she seemed to move closer. So, I put my arm around her. She turned, and I kissed her soft lips. She returned my kiss and, before I new it, I had sex with her three times before she left even though she was married. Two days later, she invited me to another party just a few blocks away. I went, and it ended up being another good party for her. When it ended, she made sure I had met the lady of the house. I ended up staying for a drink and, before I left, I had been well used again. This went on for several more months. Since most of the women was married to GI's who were always away for one reason or another, I had all the sex I could handle. When it all ended, four of them were pregnant, and two others had left there hubbies. I would get to see some of them later on, and we always had wonderful sex.

— Clayton, 65

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