Surfing Adventure

About fifteen years ago, five friends and I went camping down south on a surfing adventure that lasted one whole month. My girlfriend decided to join us, and boy was it fun. We had sex while most of my buddies surfed, and at night right next to them since we had only taken one tent. We were not hitting in well known beaches, but instead on the most virgin beaches not even marked on the map. As you can imagine, my girlfriend was about the only piece of tail they saw the whole month, and she had curves. So, after the first week, they started flirting with her and begging me if I'd let them get a taste of my hard-bodied Asian girlfriend. Well, after ten days or so, I asked her if she'd be interested. She just gave me the look of, "Are you crazy?" I said that I was serious. On the second night after breaking the news, she seemed pretty friendly with the guys. Once the evening came around, she got a bit hammered with some shots of good ol' Mexican tequila. So, I took her to the tent and pounded her for about half an hour until I finished. I whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted more. To my surprise, she said yes. I never clarified on who it was going to be, but I think at that point it didn't matter. I left the tent and quietly told the guys she was ready. Then one went in the tent after the other. It was so erotic. We had sex with her in every possible way for the next three weeks. She came home with the biggest smile on her face.

— Kent, 35

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