Vacation Pleasures

My wife and I are newlyweds and took a recent vacation to our favorite beach town. My wife is a beautiful, petite, blond who looks even younger than her age of twenty-seven. Therefore, when we are out at bars, I usually have to deal with college-aged guys hitting on her. This trip was no different in that way, but ended up much differently. We went to a bar right on the beach and spent the afternoon enjoying some margaritas. When I came back from a visit to the men's room, I saw two younger black guys sitting at our table chatting my wife up. They joined us for several more margaritas, and then I noticed my wife's hand slowly rubbing one of the guy's thighs. This had me totally hot, so I suggested we all go back to our hotel for a few more drinks. It didn't take long for our new friends to make themselves comfortable. One of the guys had turned on the radio and started slow dancing with my wife. He pushed down the straps of her bikini top and unlatched it so that she was exposed as me and his friend enjoyed the show. My wife was practically begging him to take her at this point as she pressed closer and closer him. He lowered her onto the bed and took her bikini bottom off. Then she gave him oral sex while the second guy was having regular sex with her. She groaned with pleasure as they proceeded to both do her for the next two hours. We have our next trip planned already!

— Derek, 29

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