The Best Of Friends

My wife bought me the new red dress that I wanted, and even a red hot pair of five inch heels. She said the heels would make my butt stick out more. That would make it a lot easier for her to use the strap-on on me. We started off dressing the same, right down to our red panties and pushup bra. She inserted anal beads in me and Benwah balls in herself as well. After walking around a little, I was ready for more. We started rubbing each other and kissing. My lips and tongue were all over her. She said she had enough and pulled out her new strap-on. She had me deep throating it for at least ten minutes. After it was lubed up pretty good, she bent me over and asked, "Are you ready for your daddy?" I was kind of scared as I hadn't had anything that big before. I screamed when she started, and then started moaning. We went on like this for over an hour. She wouldn't even let me use it on her; she said she had something bigger. What could that be?!?

— Josh, 32

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