Mike and I had been friends for years. We were both married, me happily and him not so much. He would complain to me about how he had to almost beg to have sex with her. He was lucky if they had sex once a month! I was surprised when he said if she got into it, she gives a great blowjob but refuses to let him cum in her mouth! I hadn't been with that many women, but every one of them including my wife swallowed my cum. He was more than a little bummed when I told him that. He also admitted to being a little envious of me because I had a great sex life with my wife. She is very good looking with a great body including long legs and 36C tits, and loves sex! One weekend, Mike and I went on a fishing trip with a group of guys. He and I shared a motel room. The second night, while in bed after quite a few drinks, we started talking about sex in general and also with our wives. He was pretty horny because he hadn't had sex in a few weeks. I confessed I couldn't understand why his wife wouldn't let him cum in her mouth. Then I shocked him when I told him I had always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. I told him I thought it must be good since so many women liked doing it. After a few minutes of silence, he asked if I would seriously consider sucking a cock or if I was just "talking." I told him the only thing stopping me was finding a guy that I trusted; he would have to be disease free and not ever tell anyone. Again, after more silence, he asked if I trusted him? I said absolutely, but are you sure you want this? When he said yes, I left my bed and went to his. I asked him to remove his jockey's. I think it helped that it was dark in the room. I took his cock in my hand and caressed it and his balls. It was strange touching another cock for the first time in my life, but it seemed so natural! Then I leaned over and licked it causing him to suck in his breath. Then I took it into my mouth and proceeded to do everything to his cock and balls that I like done to mine! It felt wonderful in my mouth and, from the moaning he was doing, I knew he liked what I was doing also. When he warned me he was close to cumming, I cupped his balls with my hand and sucked his cock harder. He warned me again, but I kept sucking and massaging his balls until he erupted in my mouth. He shot a huge load and I swallowed every delicious drop! He and I were both elated by our mutual "firsts"; his finally cumming in a warm mouth and me at my first time sucking a cock and eating male cum! I found I loved sucking his cock and told him I would do it anytime he wanted! He took me at my word! He would stop at my office after everyone else left for the night, so I could suck him before he went home. Sometimes he would walk in, unzip, pull his cock out and have me get on my knees and suck him until he finished in my mouth, then zip back up and leave. Those times, I always felt like such a whore, but I loved the feeling! Other times, we would both get naked and take our time. I would suck him for as long as I could before he would fill my mouth with his sweet cum. I craved his cock and couldn't suck it enough. He often told me I sucked cock much better than his wife did. Only one time (he was a little drunk) did he suck me. I think he enjoyed it, but didn't want to think of himself as gay, so he never did it again. That was fine with me because my wife sucked me whenever I wanted so I didn't need it from him. I was perfectly happy as long as he let me suck him. He would stop at my office three, sometimes four, nights a week. I was one very happy cock sucking whore! Then one night, he told me he wanted to fuck my wife. He told me I was to get a motel room, watch him fuck her, and then I would suck him while she watched! We did do it, but that's a story for another time.

— Marshall, 65

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