About a year ago, I was working at a small company and got to know one other coworker. She was twice my age and had big tits and a nice ass. One day I texted her and asked what size her tits were; she told me they were 38DDs. She saw the look on my face and asked me if I could show her my cock. I was surprised that she would even have any interest in me. I mean, I'm not a bad looking guy or anything, but the fact that an older woman would talk to me like that. I told her we could meet up after work and I would show it to her and she agreed. We acted like we were leaving work with everyone else, but we just sat in our cars for a bit longer until they all left. We got out of our cars when the coast was clear and went to the back room. I turned around after we walked through the door and told her that if she wanted to look, she needed to bring it out. She got on her knees, unzipped my pants, and whipped my cock out. She started stroking it immediately. She told me she wanted to suck it until I came, but I told her that I wanted to fuck her too. She then put her hot mouth on my rigid hard cock and sucked it like I've never had my dick sucked before. I was getting really excited to see her sucking my cock, so I reached under her shirt and caressed her big, glorious tits. This made her moan with my cock in her mouth. I almost blew my load in her mouth, but I pulled her head up and told her to get on the desk that was right next to us. As I pulled my pants off all the way, she took her pants off too. She was clean shaven and looked very tight. I slipped a condom on and rubbed my cock on her clit to get her even more wet. She begged me to fuck her hard. I then eased my throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy. She was very tight for a forty-something year old woman. As I was slowly going deeper and deeper inside, her she unleashed her big tits from her bra and moaned, "Fuck me, fuck my mature pussy with that young cock." I pumped her harder and harder as she came all over my cock. I was sucking on one nipple while my left hand played with the other one. I pumped her pussy with all my might, then she moaned, "I'm coming again!" When she started coming, I started to blow my load into her tight, mature pussy. Then we looked at each other and she said we should have done that at her place. I told her that it was more exciting to do it at work where we have a chance of being caught. She agreed after that. Two weeks later, everyone left to attend a meeting and it was just us alone at the office. I told her I wanted her to ride my cock, and then I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She got really hot and bothered and told me she wasn't sure. I then walked up to her with my cock hanging out while she was on the computer and she started sucking my cock. Then, we walked into an office and I laid down on the floor. She took her pants off and started to ride my cock like a horny teenager, coming all over my cock. After she came, she got up and started to get dressed. I saw her bare ass looking right at me and slid my cock back in her tight pussy to get it wet. I pumped her hard a couple times, then pulled out and eased my hard cock into her tight ass. She was moaning and screaming for more. She ended up having an orgasm and squirted her juices all over my balls. I told her I was about to cum and she stopped. She then dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock like she was hungry for my cum. I shot my load deep in her throat. She stood up and said it tasted sweet and she wanted more. She sucked my cock for half an hour just so she could have another taste of my sweet cum. I felt kind of guilty after the times I had with that coworker because at the time I had a girlfriend and they didn't know about me fucking both of them. I want to have sex with more mature women. They have a lot to offer when you least expect it.

— Damian, 26

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