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From a young age, I have been very sexual. I would masturbate myself dreaming of the day I could have a real woman or man to fuck. Yes, I'm bi and always have been. Bi is best; you get to have it all. I like both sexes for different reasons. Women are really soft, yet firm when you enter their pussies. They hold your dick in a firm grasp that is lined with velvet. Then, when they cum and everything gets wet and slippery, the friction and heat is enough to make me cum just thinking about it. Men are much different. When you fuck their ass, it is rough and smooth all at the same time. It stimulates your dick in a whole new way. The hole is much tighter and grips your dick like a lubed up rubber hose. Going in and out brings on an orgasm like I've never felt with a woman. Also, men can fuck you. It's not the same when a woman tries to use a strap-on. The real thing just can't be beat and you can let your fem side rule. I love to put on silky women's panties and let the guy rub his hard dick on my ass through them first. I get so horny that my dick will be hard almost instantly. In my last encounter of this type, the guy just slid the panties aside so the silkiness would still be there as he fucked me. He also reached around and manhandled my dick so that I came at the same time his cum filled up my ass. What an experience!

— Jared, 31

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