Wishful Thinking

The fantasy that makes me the hottest is a night when my beautiful girlfriend dresses me in thigh high nylons, very sheer nylon panties, and a sheer nylon baby-doll nightie. She then has a male friend of hers stop by and she orders me to suck him off while dressed that way. The hottest part is that she is right there, inches away from my sucking mouth. She is not only watching, but talking dirty to me saying things like, "Oh yes, baby, be a cock sucker for me," and, "Keep your lips tightly around his shaft because when he fills your slutty mouth with his warm creamy love offering, I don't want you to let one drop escape. You are going to swallow all of his cum. Oh honey, watching you be a little cum guzzling slut has my pussy so wet. I love you baby for doing this for me. It's so hot to watch you be a slut. I love you honey." I hope this really happens someday just that way. It would not be nearly as hot with out my girl involved. I can't wait to talk about it with my girl; just discussing it makes us both really hot. I'm going to have her read this and hope.

— Ronald, 55

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