Watching My Wife Wrestle

I constantly fantasize about watching my wife wrestle with a big guy. It would start with some sort of quite friendly challenge, but as the match starts, my wife realizes the guy seriously does not want the humiliation of losing and won't just let her win because she is a woman. My wife gets him mad by seeming to be winning early on. It's a mistake for her because he then turns the tables and gets her in all sorts of humiliating holds. She is petite, sexy, sporty, and has strong thighs. She'd be wearing a small bikini, and her bra top would probably come loose in the fight. Would she panic and wonder what he will do to her as the muscular guy pins her down in front of me and her friends? She told everyone not to intervene whatever happened! The thought of her heaving chest, straining athletic muscles, and look of panic in her usually composed face excites me.

— Lance, 31

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