One Incredible Night

It was a cold and wintry night. I was having an evening with my wife and her sister with her boyfriend at the time. They are married now. The kids were down the street with their grandparents. We were up way late, and we started to play truth or dare. We all remember that game. Well, this went on for I'd say twenty to thirty minutes. Then I made the dare to my wife's sister. We all went out back and jumped in the hot tub naked. The lights went out, and we all jumped in. Needless to say, the water jumped out. We continued to play the game until it got a little hot. My wife's sister dared me to dance in front of her out of the water. That was the start of one incredible night! It never ever happened again, and no one has ever spoken of that evening still to this day.

— Charles, 39

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