The Guilt Took Over

I was married faithfully for fourteen years with four good kids. Then I allowed myself to slip. I met a blond girl at work, Steph, and the next thing I knew, I was having a drink with her. Then I was in the car with her. She had the smoothest behind ever. But what tore me up was I fell in love with her. I mean completely in love. But I had obligations, a wife I cared for very much, and four kids. I wrestled with this dilemma for a long time. I let her go. She did everything for me and would have done anything I asked. She divorced her husband and gave me a key to her new place. I used it a couple of times, but guilt took over, and I could not do it any longer. We ended it. That was thirty years ago. I still think of her and, yes, I still love her.

— Lawrence, 60

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