Supervisor's Wife

Ten years ago, I took a job with a company in which my direct supervisor's wife was a receptionist. She was a few years older than I and was very attractive. We constantly flirted. One day upon my return from an out of town trip, she offered to give me a ride home. I agreed. About a mile into our ride, we stopped for a red light. She started rubbing my pants and began to kiss me. We were both very hot by the time we arrived at my place where she immediately began performing oral on me. We had secret meetings for a few months that all involved mutual oral engagements. The night before they were moving out of state, she came to my place dressed in a very sexy skirt and short top and gave me the best oral I had ever had. I then took her into my room and we had wild sex for hours. She has since left her husband. I no longer am in contact with her, but I often speak business with him.

— Quinn, 35

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