Waiting For The Right Opportunity

My wife and I were newlyweds when we moved into the neighborhood. The lady across the street was recently divorced and was dating regularly. She had a beautiful nineteen-year-old daughter who struck up an immediate friendship with my wife. She was soon spending an ever-increasing amount of time at our house, especially when her mother was "entertaining" men at her house. It was nothing uncommon for her to spend the night, or weekends, or several days and nights at a time at our house. I grew accustomed to having her in the house. But in one of her earliest overnight stays, I admit that I forgot she was in the house. I am a light sleeper and was suddenly awakened by a sound of someone moving around in the house. I got up quietly, left our bedroom, and walked silently across the thickly carpeted living room into the kitchen. I came to a sudden stop when I saw the silhouette of someone at the refrigerator. It was our shapely teenage neighbor. She must have realized someone was behind her because she spun around like a caged animal. I was treated to a tantalizing view of her clad only in one of my tee-shirts and a pair of transparent nylon panties. Instead of making a run for her bedroom at the other end of the house, she advanced toward me. When she got within arms length of me, she practically whispered, "You almost scared the pee out of me." Then she looked down at my waist and observed the bulge in my shorts. Even though the only light in the room was coming from the refrigerator and a street light shining through a kitchen window, I could see a smirk on her face. I know she spoke to me, but I honestly couldn't tell you what she said. I just remember picking her up and setting her on a kitchen counter, and we had sex right there. Over the next several years, we enjoyed such encounters on several occasions. My wife must have become suspicious because she suddenly decided we should move back to our home town about three hundred miles away. My lovely neighbor is now grown with a family of her own, but we have managed to stay in touch (without her husband or my wife...hopefully...knowing about it). She made it absolutely clear recently that she wants us to fulfill our every fantasy with one another someday soon. I love my wife, but my wife absolutely hates sex. She has told me on numerous occasions that if I can do it without it ever getting back to her or her family or friends, she would not blame me in the least if I got me "some on the side." So, I am waiting for the right moment and the right opportunity.

— Gary, 36

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