The Most Memorable

I am a happily married man of fifty now, but I still remember vividly an experience I had while in my late twenties. At the time, I had a girlfriend named Abby who I dated for three years. One night after sex, I noticed a copy of Penthouse Letters under her bed. It had pages marked for her favorite letters. They all involved three-ways with two men. I asked her if this was a fantasy that she wanted to fulfill in real life. She told me that if I made this come true for her, she would find another girl for a three-way with me. We talked about who to approach with the idea and settled on my best friend Mel, someone we could both trust to keep his mouth shut. When I first approached him, he was a bit shocked that I would want him to have sex with my girlfriend, but he quickly accepted the offer. On the night that we planned for it to happen, Abby invited him over for supper, and then we went out dancing. After a night of fun, we returned to the house. At first, no one seemed sure how to get the ball rolling. Abby was so nervous she almost backed out. Mel asked to take a shower so that he would smell nice, and I decided to send Abby in to join him so they could get comfortable on their own first. I couldn't see what was going on behind closed doors, but I could hear. I was later told the details by both of them. At first, they soaped one another up. Then things started to heat up. She dropped to her knees and gave him oral sex, and then they had regular sex. After they finished and dried off, she came past me, heading towards the bedroom, leading her new boy toy by the hand. I stayed in the TV room a while longer, until I heard oral sex noises. This was a bit of a shock, since we had discussed her doing that to Mel earlier, and she said that it was too personal. I guess she changed her mind. I then entered the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed to watch. After a while, I joined in and we had the threesome of a lifetime. After this time, we all got together a few more times, but the first time was still the best and most memorable.

— Will, 50

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