Cover From The Storm

The rain poured down outside as we ran to take cover from the storm. The water had revealed her magnificent breasts to me through her tight white shirt. As we took cover, I rubbed against her more than once, and both of us were getting excited. I couldn't help but gaze in wonder at how beautiful she was all wet standing there with me. She caught me staring more than once, but I caught her glancing at my cash and prizes, too. We both knew what we wanted as we went inside to find some dry clothes. I playfully smacked her on our way inside. The sexual tension was through the roof. We were home alone until the next day, so we went to her bathroom to find some towels. Without any warning, she started the shower and steamed up the room. Within minutes, we were in the shower and having sex. When we recovered, we moved to her bed where we continued for the next four hours until we fell asleep in each others' arms.

— Toby, 19

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