A Memory That Keeps Getting Better

One weekday evening, my wife and I went to a couples' nude bar where on weekends there is a nude show with both nude men and women for couples to enjoy. However, during the week it's mostly men. Also during the week, they ask trivia questions. The person with the right answer gets a free drink. Well, this one evening, we're sitting at the bar with ten free credits in front of us, and Marie is the only women in the bar. I've always wanted Marie to flash herself. Tonight I have a plan. On the way to the men's room, I stop and talk to the owner and ask him to make a deal with Marie, that if she misses three questions in a row, she will have to put on a free show on the stage. Cut the chase and she misses all three. Now, I look at Marie, thinking we're going to just leave. Marie looks at me and walks onto the stage. The soft mood lights and music are now on. Marie is just walking around the edge of the stage as the eight men in the bar take seats next to the stage. I'm sitting at the bar enjoying a full view. Marie slowly unzips her slacks and lets them fall. She steps out of them and slowly walks near the edge while slowly unbuttoning her black satin shirt, stopping in front of each guy and motioning them to open their pants. I'm starting to wonder if I took this too far. However, my shy, modest Marie has the guys under total control. Their eyes are all over her. She gave them a sexy show, and then proceeded to pleasure each one of the eight in turn. Some, she did orally, and some she did with regular sex as I watched. In a little while, the last three guys leave. I walk onto the stage and kneel next to Marie who is now on her back looking so beautiful. Her eyes are sparkling. She looks up at me, asks if I was satisfied, and now wants me to pleasure her while the remaining guys watched. When we got home later, Marie showered. She laid down nude on the bed and I massaged her very gently until she fell asleep. I'm now sixty, and Marie is fifty-six. We've been married for thirty-eight years. We've never repeated that adventure again, but the memory, every time I think about, it gets me excited. Marie will always remain the love of my life.

— David, 60

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