Aunt Fantasy Fulfilled

I'm not talking about a blood-related aunt. When I was nineteen, my uncle's girlfriend, Maxine, always made me horny when I saw her. I always thought about her and usually masturbated to her a lot. I was so excited when my mom said I got to spend a week with her because my parents were going out of town. My uncle was at work one night when Maxine was home. Sure, she had a few drinks, but she was still sober. I told her she was lookin' hot, and she said, "Thanks, babe." I knew I wanted her for a long time, so I let her drink some more. When she was tipsy, I started massaging her and got her horny. We made out for ten minutes before we had sex in the shower. After that, we had sex for the whole night in her bed. Then, when my uncle came home the next morning, I was in their bed naked with her. I said I must have slept walk. I have been uncomfortable with him ever since. Little did he know, I gave his girl the best time of her life. And that baby that he thinks is his is probably mine.

— Juan, 21

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