Playing With Fire

I'm forty-three, divorced, and don't have a regular girl right now. I live next to a family with three daughters, the oldest just turned twenty. She is a knockout, and I've fantasized about her for a long time. One day, she rang my doorbell because she locked herself out of the house and no one else would be home for hours. She asked if she could stay in my house since it was so hot outside. I said yes and got her a cold drink. We talked for a while, and I was staring at her chest that was almost bursting out of her too tight shirt. She noticed and cupped her hands under them saying, "Do you like them?" I said yes. She said, "You can touch them if you want." I sat next to her and began to touch her. They were DD's and my ex's had been A's, so I was having a great time with them. She started to get excited and then took off her shirt for me. Laying down, she pulled me on top of her and we had sex twice. We cleaned up after that, and she admitted she locked herself out on purpose because she really wanted to seduce me. She went home, but the next day she rang the bell again saying she was locked out. I brought her inside and we were at it within seconds. I've never met a girl who wants it so much. I think I love her even though I'm old enough to be her father.

— James, 43

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