When my wife and I first met, I knew she was totally into sex. After a couple of months together, I suggested becoming swingers. We have been together over ten years now and attend a swingers' club at least twice a month. We have been involved in threesomes, foursomes, and group activities. After the first year, we met a couple one night at the "club" and chatted for a while. My wife and the other girl decided to go to the bathroom. After about forty minutes had passed, we decided to find out where they were. Much to my surprise, we found the two of them sharing a room and each other. She had never tried bisexuality and had even condemned it. Not anymore! She has become so into the whole scene that even I am in shock. Just yesterday, we were on our way home from the "club", and we were both so turned on we pulled off along a country road, walked into the woods, and had totally mind-blowing sex right there. We totally enjoy watching each other being pleasured by someone else. We have the most intense sex life you could ever imagine.

— Ivan, 37

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