My Brother's Ex

My brother and his wife of ten years recently divorced. I am still very close to her. She called and asked me to come down and help her hook up her new computer. When I arrived, she was standing there with beer in hand waiting for me. I took the beer and went in to hook up her computer. After a few minutes, she excused herself to go shower. She said she was going out later. About forty-five minutes later, she returned as I was finishing cleaning up all of the mess. Wow did she look hot! She had on the shortest miniskirt I had ever seen and this little, leather halter top that laced up. I sat down on the couch when she sat across from me giving me a perfect view up her skirt to see she was not wearing any panties. She and I had always had this weird chemistry. All of our conversations had always ended up being sexual. This night would be no exception. Within a few minutes, she was telling me how since her divorce she had been masturbating three or four times a day. I excused myself to get another drink. When I came back, she was deeply involved in pleasuring herself. I came around and sat back down to watch. She moved over to the sofa next to me. She grabbed my hand and put it in place of hers. After a few minutes of that, we were making love to each other right there on the couch. I stayed another two or three hours. We made love again before I left. Now she says she has a whole list of stuff she needs help with. It is going to be a good summer.

— Samuel, 28

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