One Awesome Lady

I have written in before about my wife's and my sexual adventures. My wife is one very sexy hot lady. At forty-two, she looks thirty-two and has a very incredible, sexual attitude. This woman turns heads wherever we go. She has done another woman, a couple of black guys at one time, a guy hung like a horse, and a married couple while I watched. We once went to a younger couple's house to meet them and see if we clicked. Well, the wife of this couple sure wasn't as into this fun as was her hubby. You could see that he wanted my wife in a big, big way. But things just didn't ever get rolling. So, frustrated, my wife and I left to make the hour-long trip home. All of the talk for the entire night was about sex. So, both of us where absolutely hot! She started playing with me some as we were driving along in my truck. I reached a point where I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted her right then. It was nighttime and very dark out. We were driving along this interstate and saw a business on a side road that had two parked box trucks side by side with a space in between them. So, I pulled off the road into their parking lot and parked it right between those two trucks. She and I got in the bed of my truck and took off all our clothes. We had incredible mind-blowing sex right there in the warm night air. After we were done, we laid there just feeling incredible after a rocking orgasm and just held each other. It was one very incredible, awesome time. What we have found out is that sex with just she and I has always been better than with others. That is one awesome lady I can tell you!

— Troy, 49

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