My Wife And My Brother

We were watching a movie. It was me, my wife, and my brother. Our baby was crying in the next room. I went to attend him and slept once he was okay. After a while, I woke up. It was dark. I tried to reach for my wife as usual, but she was not there. I knew they were still watching a movie. I wanted to suddenly scream at them and scare them. I moved very slowly without any noise to the TV room. It was also dark. Only the TV light was there, but you could see everything clearly. My wife was sleeping on the sofa. My brother was calling her, but she was in a deep sleep. I was going to scare him but stopped for a moment as I saw him unbuttoning her shirt. I was shocked. I could not believe myself, but I still watched. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt completely and also pulled her bra down. Her breasts were completely exposed. He fondled them a little, and I was getting very hot. She woke up and pushed him away, shocked. But he latched on and started messing with her again. She seemed to be okay. I was so excited, but no one knew I watched.

— Hank, 36

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